Webinar: Know Your Customer
July 3, 2020

On the 22nd of July 2020 we hosted our ‘Know Your Customer’ Webinar. The webinar focused on how the Vantage Customer Module will help retailers really understand the behaviour of their customers in store/online over time and how to use our Customer Module hosted live on Vantage Point to make more strategic marketing and ranging decisions based on insights.

The Topics Included In The Webinar:

  • Understanding who your customers are and which are most important to your business
  • Identifies strategic opportunities for key customer groups in your business
  • Provide an in depth understanding of your customers in terms of what they buy, when they are shopping and where
  • Recommend customer focused promotional opportunities based on what’s in the basket
  • Get an understanding of potential ROI from each customer group
  • How to cascade KPIs and drive business tasks across your business

To find out more, please feel free to request a demo below and our team will be in touch with you.

Dashboards Are Dead, Long Live Contextual Analytics

Dashboards Are Dead, Long Live Contextual Analytics

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