Stay Ahead Of The Market With Snowflake & Vantage

How Retail Giant Mr Price Group Stays Ahead Of The Market With Snowflake & Vantage

Recently I attended an event that Snowflake and Vantage Data hosted with Mr Price. The webinar covered how Mr Price has overcome the challenges of managing and scaling their legacy systems and gained a single source of truth by migrating to Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

We all know that many retailers, consumer packaged goods, manufacturers, and e-commerce companies are under immense pressure to adapt to the modern consumer (especially during a pandemic). Gaining insight to customer’s preferences, business costs, convenience and quality is important in order to develop a loyal and growing base. However, this process is often complicated because legacy systems can’t keep up with the current growth of many of these businesses.

In this post, I cover what were the main learnings of the webinar and how Mr Price successfully went through an expansive but efficient migration process with the help of Snowflake and Vantage Data.

Mr. Price’s Journey to using Snowflake’s Data Cloud

The webinar started with a great presentation by leaders in the Mr Price business focused on driving digital transformation across the business.

They spoke about the very important process that all companies must go through when making an investment and took us behind the scenes on why they made the decision with Snowflake. MRP leaders gave us a great overview into how they were facing delayed insight, that prevented them from making quick decisions because running analytics processes across their business took too long. The team at Mr Price required an efficient data warehouse that could store and crunch large amounts of data. Because of this, they made a strategic decision of migrating to the cloud.

I think this is a common scenario many businesses face, and the Mr Price team really helped us understand why they moved to the cloud.

So, why did they choose Snowflake as their cloud data warehouse? Well, the MRP team noted several points that helped them make the choice which I found helpful especially if you are making the decision to move to the cloud as well

  • Snowflake’s per second billing model helped Mr Price exactly what they were using and when they were using it.
  • Snowflake’s easy ability to scale the warehouse up and down depending on the load.
  • The simplicity of the platform. Mr Price also mentioned that using the platform was easy to use especially since it’s SQL based.

Mr Price also took us through what they’ve done for the initial testing of Snowflake. They decided to set up a small Snowflake Environment and copied over pieces from their legacy data warehouse into Snowflake. They then developed a few quick reports which showed the business and executives how easy it was to set up and produce results.

Because of the success from the test, they made the strategic decision to migrate and consolidate all their data into Snowflake.

The Data Migration Process

One part of the webinar I found interesting is when Mr Price described how they would take on the Data Migration process. This process can be applied to any data migration project and will ensure successful execution.

Once Mr Price made the decision to migrate their data, they sat with the Snowflake team and Vantage Data to go through a migration readiness assessment. Snowflake, Vantage Data and Mr Price then went through the existing data landscape to determine the scope and timing of what needs to be migrated the Snowflake Data Warehouse. A project plan was developed and approved.

Going through a real-life example

I usually find real examples help us understand how a warehouse like Snowflake can positively impact business operations. The MRP team took the audience through an actual scenario on how they were able to use Snowflake to help them solve a business problem, which I think is pertinent to any business today.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, they had a problem with sending new stock to stores. They wanted to know what stock to send to the stores based on customer behaviour after lockdown.

Using Snowflake, they were able to develop a quick algorithm to determine what stock should be sent. With their legacy systems, this would have taken too much time.

I believe this powerful example resonates with business leaders globally. A lot of organizations who have planned to become fully data driven businesses have accelerated greatly since the start of the pandemic.

Why you should choose a Technology Integration Partner (like us, Vantage Data!)

‘How important is it to have a Technology Integration Partner (such as Vantage Data) to work with you to implement a Snowflake Solution?’

This was a question that was asked during the panel interview which I found quite important. A Snowflake team member noted that a mixture of your own team and an integration partner, like Vantage Data, works very well. Even though the Snowflake platform is straight-forward, when it comes to more complicated projects, if you have someone as experienced as Vantage Data, you get the value quicker. The Snowflake team member then went on to say that if he had to choose an option, he would choose to go with a partner because to them at Snowflake, they know you’ll be in safe hands and get the value you want quicker. He also stated that working with Snowflake partners is great as they will make you aware if there are any features and tools in Snowflake that you should be using. This can be easy to miss especially if you are new to the platform.

The Mr. Price team then noted that they found working with Vantage Data ensured that they do things the right way the first time, and also guaranteed the solution put together at the end is governable and sustainable.

In Conclusion

With the constant advancement in technology, legacy systems are falling behind and creating more problems than solutions. It’s always important to continuously review your current data architecture and make sure it’s providing constant and quick value.

The webinar really helped viewers understand the challenges and wins of a good migration process and how important it is to choose the correct team involved and the correct data warehouse.

At Vantage Data, we help many businesses migrate and transform their data efficiently so that they can get to the value they need quicker. If you want to chat to us about your next data migration project, contact us through the link below- we’ll be happy to help!


Interested in more? Check out our product, Vantage Point. Vantage Point (VP) is a no-code, click & go business acceleration tool which enables data driven decisions across your business. It drives interactivity across all parts of your organization by communicating value (KPIs), autogenerating tasks with cutting-edge ML/AI technology and enabling users to combine VP’s ML/AI recommendations with their own analysis. You can finally track the exact ROI impact throughout your entire business with Vantage Point.

Make sure you watch the webinar by following the link below!

Written by

Devasha Naidoo

Senior Technology Architect

Written by
Devasha Naidoo
Senior Technology Architect

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