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At Vantage we’re crazy about Data, and always on the lookout for new talent.



We believe in the power of teamwork and excellent communication and how doing this well exponentially improves our individual value and contribution. We communicate with each other and our clients consistently and with clarity and we continuously seek feedback. 


We demonstrate flexibility in adapting to change, uncertainty and shifting priorities both internally and externally.  We eliminate obstacles to organisational speed and agility and excel at enabling change.


We are agents of change and we challenge our own and our client’s status quo.  We seek ways of consistently and significantly increasing value.


We embrace and encourage Diversity, in ALL senses of the word.  We are committed to an environment and ways of working that promote respect, dignity, fairness and equality.  We recognise that being exposed to different ways of working and thinking allows us to continue to challenge ourselves and drive value. 


We make creative suggestions for solving problems and anticipate future trends.  We question the adequacy and quality of traditional thinking and look at issues and situations in new ways and support others when they do.  We are thought LEADERS.

Sam, Solutions Architect

At Vantage you’re not just an employee you’re part of a team. You’re challenged and motivated, inspired and educated by experts and market leading technologies. At Vantage there are no limits, only opportunities. That is why I love working at Vantage.

Mthobisi, Visualization Developer

Working at Vantage has not only reminded me of my potential but also granted me the opportunity to learn new technologies out there which make day to day functions a breeze. With a pool of talent, flexible management and encouragement to push ones self, it is without doubt that Vantage has continued to amaze me in venturing into new territories with boldness and deliberate strategic forecast into expanding its footprint in South Africa and abroad.

Leslie, Project Manager

Vantage is constantly chasing the forefront of technological advancements in our field with a dynamic, effective and enthusiastic team to keep us at the top of our game.

Tess, Data Scientist

Vantage data is an incredible company that promotes a cutting-edge, innovative, stimulating and collaborative working environment.

Kerneels, Senior Software Developer

If you are tired of your big ideas falling on small ears you’ll find working at Vantage very refreshing, here your big data ideas get a chance to fly. Don’t miss the chance of a lifetime in joining a dynamic, modern company with global aspirations and a quality team bar none!

Baron, Full Stack Developer

Vantage is such a great place to be due to the fact that it has succeeded in creating a positive workplace that tends to exhibit a common set of traits that foster excellence, productivity and camaraderie.

Asif, Data Modeler

Vantage Data is a great place to develop one’s skill and grow in terms of capabilities . After just working for 1 year within the company I feel I’ve learnt more here than I did in 10 years at previous employers. If you feel like taking on a challenge and pushing yourself to the limit, this is the place to be.

Werner, Enterprise Account Director

Vantage is a diverse yet close-knit community of like-minded people that care about what they do. Together we are shaping the future and the excitement, for me, is very much for the journey.

Sihle, Data Modeler

There is something special about working for Vantage that gives me a sense of pride in providing needed solutions for our clients. Being here offers a chance to contribute, to making a difference and have tangible impact in a process that drives insight from data.

Shavaan, Data Modeler

Incredible products, a space to learn where growth is encouraged, and adaptation of new technologies is deeply entrenched in the Vantage Culture

Halima, Office Administrator

I love that I’m encouraged to try new things out and be innovative, and if it doesn’t work out I’m supported to learn lessons, dust myself off and try again. Every day is different day, challenging and exciting.

Taahir, Data Modeler

The Vantage Leadership pride themselves in empowering their employees, and there is a constant feedback loop between the employee and employer which shows that one’s thoughts and experiences are being considered in decision making processes.

Michelle, Senior Account Manager

The environment is Collaborative (never a solo effort), Fun but productive, and the “open door” policy amongst seniors makes learning easily accessible

WE Fail Fast

An environment that encourages constant critical evaluation of processes and solutions – pivoting when mistakes are made and driving learning and growth through these experiences.  We fail fast and adapt faster.

WE Learn & Lead

An agile learning environment, driving thought leadership, innovation and new ways of working and thinking to provide the best solutions for our clients and growth opportunities for our teams.

WE Unlock Value

for clients, for the business but most importantly for our employees and their careers.  Intentional and focussed learning plans that drive measurable growth aligned to organisational and personal aspirations.

Looking for a career in Data Analytics?

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